Legislators Celebrate Community Progress at Pembroke Event

A recent event, the Promise of Pembroke, held at a local school highlighted growth and accomplishments within our community.

The event convened the Pembroke community, including students, state legislators, entrepreneurs, and others, to celebrate growth and investments in the Township.

Community members were excited to meet special guest State Senator Patrick Joyce, who shared that the Promise of Pembroke means, “opportunity more than anything. Opportunity for the residents, opportunity for the community, opportunity for business,” and more.

Students also interviewed State Representative Nicholas Smith, sharing his promise of Pembroke means progress. Rep. Smith believes the community event helps launch “economic development, jobs, just a host of opportunities in Pembroke Township.”

Other local leaders included State Representative Jackie Haas who grew up in the surrounding town and knows the importance of Pembroke’s roots. As the community continues its celebration on the road to 150, we’re committed to growth, pride, and promise.